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Energize Society Reliable Energy

We are a young and energetic company providing Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Solutions to our clients. We develop solutions for residential, commercial and industrial renewable energy projects as well as post-installation monitoring. These solutions include grid-tied, off grid and hybrid renewable energy systems.

We also offer consulting on energy use to the industrial and commercial sectors which is supported by measurement and verification as per the IPMVP standard. We make recommendations for energy efficiency measures to be introduced to reduce consumption.

The team has extensive local experience while boasting qualifications from local and international institutions.

It is our belief that energy should be used more efficiently and produced from cleaner sources. We are motivated to ensure a cleaner future.

MISSION: To create value for our clients by assisting them in reducing their electricity demand and enabling them to generate their own electricity through sustainable alternatives.

VISION: To become a trusted advisor to our clients with their energy efficiency and renewable energy requirements. OR to be the leading developer of energy efficiency solutions for commercial and residential structures in Southern Africa.





Optimise your energy consumption, maintain a healthy and productive environment, update ageing facilities, and connect to your integrated energy management solutions anytime, anywhere.

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We are Building a Sustainable Future

Using solar power generated by your home means you use less power from your utility provider. Not only will you save on the total amount of energy you use but you will also save money by avoiding some of the variable electricity rates

Solar panels, especially when installed with storage batteries, allow you to use your energy when you need it. You are not at the mercy of large utility companies and don’t need to rely on power coming from out of town or across the country.

Solar power is the most reliable residential renewable energy source. Wind power is an effective renewable source but requires a large open space for maximum power generation. 

Solar panels can make your home more attractive to potential buyers. Increased cost savings and energy independence are desirables options. Studies show that solar panels can add 3-4% to the sale price of a home when compared to other local properties. If you are considering selling your home in the future, then consider adding solar panels. The sooner you install solar, the larger your potential return on investment.


Building Strong, Long Lasting Relationships

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